Monsey Stabber Has Roots In Crown Heights


Grafton Thomas, the man who allegedly went on a stabbing attack in Monsey Motzei Shabbos injuring five, has his childhood roots in Crown Heights.

After the news published the photo of Thomas being led from New York City’s 32nd Police Precinct in cuffs, an old childhood neighbor got a shock.

The neighbor told that he used to play on the streets of Crown Heights with Thomas, and that he remembers him as a normal boy.

Thomas lived for most of his childhood at 702 Crown Street between Schenectady Ave and Troy Ave in Crown Heights, where his grandfather Richard Baynes still lives.

While his mother, Kim, worked hard to become a nurse, Thomas would do as many children would, and would play with the other children on the streets of Crown Heights.

After years of his mother in night school, Thomas’s family moved to¬†Greenwood Lake, NY, where according to law enforcement he reportedly still lives.

Grafton Thomas faces five charges of attempted murder, and is presently being held on $5 Million bail in Rockland County.

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