A Word From a Bais Rivkah Student

by Baila Friedman, High School Senior

As a student in Bais Rivkah I have had many experiences and opportunities I could not have gotten elsewhere. In Bais Rivkah, there’s no such thing as being bored. There’s always a new program or farbrengen happening. For example, I’m proud to have joined the Bais Rivkah Chidon along with 150 fellow contestants. Chidon gave me the incredible opportunity to learn the Rebbe’s sichos and internalize them.

Each school day starts with Chassidus before davening. It gives me the correct perspective and focus I need to use throughout the day. In addition, there’s an after-school program which teaches many skills to help students develop their talents, including dancing and playing the ukulele.

The Bais Rivkah curriculum is amazing. I’m thankful for all the incredible things I learn in school each day. I’m sure I will take the lessons with me wherever I go. Bais Rivkah has the most dedicated teachers by far! There’s nothing like learning halacha with Mrs. Korf or Chumash with Mrs. Raskin or Tanya with Mrs. Gluckowsky. Words spoken from the heart enter the heart, especially when they come from our Bais Rivkah teachers and staff. They have a vast amount of knowledge and are living examples of what they teach.

I just came back from the most amazing high school Shabbaton ever. We had incredible speakers and activities and it was truly uplifting. There’s also nothing quite as inspiring as hearing the entire Bais Rivkah singing together! The teachers even arranged for the 12th grade to farbreng with Rabbi YY Jacobson on the way to our Villa Roma hotel stay. The Shabbaton taught me how to be in sync with my neshama and be alive in my relationship with Hashem. I learned how to be b’simcha and how to take control of my happiness in a way that no one else can change. I’m so empowered from hearing Mrs. Dina Horowitz speak about dealing with challenges and remaining happy and positive. I feel fortunate that I have the ability to do precious mitzvos each day.

Bais Rivkah action never stops! As soon as Shabbaton ended we started preparing for Yud Tes Kislev. I still remember the programs from Yud Tes Kislev last year. That one day gave enough inspiration for an entire year. Through films, singing, workshops, and speakers I learned what a Rebbe means, how to connect with him, and how to internalize Chassidus.

This is the first year that every single Bais Rivkah student is a member of Achos Hatemimim- a self-improvement program with learning each day and exciting prizes. Achos makes me focus on growing, realizing where I’m holding, and gives me practical things to work on. Bais Rivkah has made me into a kinder and better person. “HOO” (Helping Our Own) has helped me get into the routine of doing chessed and “Shine a Little Light” has given me the skills to go on mivtzoyim. Bais Rivkah made me aware of all the Chassidishe yomim tovim and helped me celebrate them. Bais Rivkah has empowered me to do what the Rebbe wants of me.

I’m looking forward to the annual Bais Rivkah Production which gives me a chance to shine on stage. I had so much fun going to dance practices with my friends and it gave me a chance to develop my talents in dancing, acting, and singing.

Bais Rivkah also gives us the chance to develop our leadership skills and use our creativity. I enjoyed being able to express myself in the past years through writing for the Grapevine newspaper. I love my 12th grade job as editor of the Grapevine. I see so many students who have developed their talents and ideas through writing articles, poems, and drawing beautiful artwork.

As I get ready to graduate, I will take along all the inspiration and teachings from Bais Rivkah. Thank you, Bais Rivkah, for making us the mothers of tomorrow. Thank you for empowering us and enabling us to live with Chassidus, choose it, and be active in our Yiddishkeit. Because of my school, I will always strive to be the best that I can be.

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