All My Children Daycare Holds Hachnosa L’cheder

Fathers could be seen holding their tallis-wrapped sons on Lefferts Avenue yesterday as they celebrated their first communal hachnosa l’cheder ceremony. As schools in New York City held ‘Fathers bring your child To School Week,’ All My Children Daycare used the opportunity to observe the beautiful minhag for their 3 and 4 year olds.

“A parent came to talk to me about her son’s areinfirenish and after a few calls with Rabbonim, we decided to make it a communal affair,” said Daycare Director, Mrs Chedvi Baras.

Twenty three fathers and sons, and some proud mothers too, gathered in the school as beloved Pre1A Rebbi, Rabbi Katzen of Lubavitcher Yeshiva led the program. Each had their own laminated shaar blatt of Tanya and Alef Bais sheet from which the children licked the honey, tasting the sweetness of Torah.

Parents and staff members helped with the preparations, taking care of the minute details so that this would be a memorable day for each child. Twenty three eggs were marked with the relevant pesukim and a large honey cake was baked and carefully inscribed with each word.

As the boys saw the candies rained down on them from Malach Michoel, they jumped up to catch them and their joy filled the room.

Parents were thrilled to have their children share this simcha with their friends as they embarked on their journey in limud hatorah.

“Most children do this alone in a strange classroom, with a Rebbi they don’t know, and some boys don’t get this opportunity at all,” said one mother.

“We feel blessed that our boys are so lucky and we’re grateful to the Daycare for arranging this special occasion for us,” another said.

“The parents participation and enthusiasm was very moving,” Chedvi says. “This is the start of a beautiful yearly tradition that will be cherished by staff, parents and children alike.”

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