Shomrim Reunites A Special Needs Child With His Mother

A parents worst nightmare played out Thursday evening in Crown Heights, when their special needs child managed to get out of the house and run off. Following a door to door search, Shomrim managed to reunite the mother and child.


For a child to go missing is a parents worst nightmare. To have them found safe and healthy, the biggest relief. This past Thursday, both took place in Crown Heights.

7:45pm Thursday evening was overcast, with a misty drizzle just minutes away. For the volunteers of Crown Heights Shomrim, the evening was about to take an Adrenalin surging curve.

Crown Heights Shomrim’s hotline rang multiple times, as residents of Crown Heights noticed a young boy, with signs of special needs and not from the Jewish community, running alone down Albany Ave barefoot and in his pajamas.

The calls continued to come in with updates as volunteers from Shomrim responded. The boy had turned on Carroll towards Kingston, then nearing Kingston Ave, then there was a bochur attempting to stop him.

The bochur himself then called, he had managed to stop the boy near the corner of Kingston Ave and Carroll St. Shomrim volunteers met up with him in under a minute, and attempted to identify the boy.

Two young woman from the community noticed the commotion, and putting their experience with special needs children to work, managed to calm the boy.

Unable to identify the child, over a dozen Shomrim volunteers spread out, going door to door throughout the area, asking if anyone could identify the lost child.

Just as the misty drizzle began to fall, a Crown Heights homeowner graciously opened their home, allowing the child to stay calm and dry as the search for his parents continued.

Meanwhile, the mother was frantically searching for her lost child. She visited the Police command post on Eastern parkway and Kingston Ave, hoping they might have found him. She left her phone number after being told not, and continued her search.

Just a few blocks away, a Shomrim volunteer found a lead, and in just a few minutes, found the child’s mother. The two were soon reunited, safe and sound.

The mother expressed her sincerest appreciation for Shomrim, and the selfless work that they do for the community.