A Thank You Letter To Crown Heights’s 71st Police Precinct

A Crown Heights resident penned the following thank you letter to the Crown Heights’s 71st Police precinct, after they stepped up, and changed an entire Crown heights block for the better:

A Thank You Letter to the 71st Precinct!

There is one block in Crown Heights that has felt neglected by law enforcement for quite some time now. This block has been a hotbed for gun violence, round the clock loud music, illicit business dealings, and much more. It came to a point where it was no longer practical to lead a productive life or even run a normal daily schedule on this block. Some have chosen to leave, and in doing so the problem was only beginning to exacerbate.

This issue was brought to the attention of the 71st precinct whom responded in a manner that has brought about the most pleasing outcome imaginable. In the span of only a few short days the block has become unrecognizable for the better.

The 71st precinct has shown a serious presence in response to a serious problem, and in doing so they have improved the lives of countless residents in ways that only the residents of our block can truly appreciate. The block seemed beyond hope, but in a matter of just a short days, that has changed drastically. We want to acknowledge the 71st precinct for their diligence and commitment to making this community a better and safer place, one block at a time.

On behalf of all the residents on the block, both Jewish and non-Jewish alike, we want to thank you, 71st precinct, for stepping in and making a tremendous difference. There are literally hundreds of people in this community right now who are proud of your work, restoring their sense of safety and bringing back order and peace into our lives.

We want to commend you for your good work, but also, even more importantly, we want to encourage you to continue being present, in one form or another, so that the residents on this block can continue this blissful enjoyment of life which your presence has afforded us.

Thank You,

A Residents of Union Street

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