Tonight: Buses To and From the Ohel

In honor of Gimmul Tammuz, tonight, Wednesday night, there will be two buses leaving from Crown Heights and going to and from the Ohel, for a fee of only $3.

Leaving Kingston and Eastern Parkway at 9:50pm

The buses will remain at the Ohel for one hour, and will return to Crown Heights by 12 Midnight.

$3.00 Round-trip.


Question: Since when do we go a beis hachayim on Rosh Chodesh?

Answer: Going to the Rebbe at the Ohel is different than going to a beis hachayim.

Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaikin from Cleveland, Ohio was consulted and he said: “If you don’t go to other kevorim, only in the Ohel, we are noiheg to go on Rosh Chodesh”.

In addition, the Rebbe himself went to the Ohel a few times on Rosh Chodesh and once on Chol Hamoed.

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