Oholei Torah Dinner – Sunday May 19th, Pesach Sheini

The Annual Dinner of Oholei Torah will be held this Sunday, May 19th, Pesach Sheini, in the Oholei Torah Ballroom.

The event will be honoring Reb Mendel and Nechama Baumgarten, a”h, with the Founding Parents Memorial Tribute for their unbelievable determination and mesirus nefesh in Oholei Torah’s first years.

Sruli and Toby Richler, members of the Anshei Lubavitch Shul in Crown Heights and young entrepreneurs, are being honored with the Young Visionary Award for their staunch support and friendship.

And the Dallek family from Long Island will be receiving an award and making a classroom dedication. The Dalleks are longtime friends of Rabbi Michel Kramer, administrator.

Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld, Executive Director, says that the Annual Dinner is a highlight event of the year and received much encouragement and brochos from the Rebbe. In fact, each and every year the Rebbe sent a letter to the participants, which is a treasure of directives and the values of Oholei Torah.

This year’s letter was chosen from 5734/1974, when that year’s Dinner was held on Pesach Sheini, as this year. In that letter the Rebbe writes the following:

“The Dinner offers an opportunity to every one of the participants, including those who were ‘far away’, to rectify, if need be, their support for this vital institution…. It is not only enough, by far, merely to help Oholei Torah to maintain its facilities; these must be expanded to meet the urgent needs of today.”

For more Dinner information, you may email dinner@oholeitorah.com or go online at https://www.dinner.oholeitorah.com/2019/.

Below is a video clip, of the Guest Speaker from the 2016 Dinner, when Oholei Torah honored 60 Alumni.

Reb Mendel and Nechama Baumgarten, a”h
Mr and Mrs Dallek
Sruli and Toby Richler

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