An Act of Chesed, From the Heart of a Child

The following account of a heartwarming incident was submitted to surrounding students of Yeshivas Darchai Menachem in Crown Heights:


I just want to share with you something really nice that happened today with students from the 8th Grade.
As I was walking with the 8th grade students to the park, before we entered the park, there was a group of black adults with special needs who were going to the park to have lunch.
One person apparently forgot his lunch, so the woman taking care of them, told him in a really loud and nasty way, that now because he didn’t bring lunch he’s not gonna have lunch. She sounded pretty mean about it.
After we passed them and hearing the whole exchange, some students went up to their teacher and said that they feel really bad for the guy, maybe they can get some food from school for him. The teacher told them it’s a great idea, so Elisha, Tzvi Hirsh, Zalman, and Daniel, (there might have been one more student,) walked out of the park back to school to get food for a hungry special needs guy they don’t know!
They came back with some hotdogs and buns, and the teacher asked the woman taking care of them if they can given the guy some food, she said it’s fine and they gave the guy the lunch, he was so happy about it.
It was really beautiful witnessing the kindness of these boys. Really proud of them!

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