Police Vehicle T-Boned in Crown Heights Intersection

A Police vehicle was t-boned at the intersection of President St and Troy Ave Wednesday evening. The police vehicle involved allegedly crossed President St on a red light, and was hit by a vehicle coming up Troy Ave. Miraculously, no major injuries were reported in the incident.

by CrownHeights.info

A marked NYPD Ford Explorer was t-boned at the intersection of Troy Ave and President Street Wednesday evening in an accident that left debris strewn across the streets.

The incident unfolded at the intersection of President St and Troy Ave, when the police vehicle – driving on President St – was t-boned by a red sedan going up Troy. The Police vehicle was thrown nose first into a parked car.

Witnesses of the incident, as well as dashcam footage shown to people at the scene of the accident, allegedly show the police vehicle crossing through the red light. It was not clear from the witnesses if the police vehicle had its emergency lights engaged.

Hatzalah responded immediately to the accident, and had arrived at the scene within moments. Reports indicate that 911 EMS arrived nearly 15 minutes later.

Miraculously, no serious injuries were reported, with the police officer being transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

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