A Groisen Yasher Koach, A Breiter Thank You!

What does it sound like when thousands of talmidim, melamdim, morahs, staff, and families say “Thank You” in unison?

Can you hear it, a multitude of voices sharing their appreciation for supporting their learning, their yeshiva, their children, their students, their Oholei Torah?

It sounds like… Breitkeit!

It is a BIG sound, a LOUD sound, a BROAD sound that reverberates throughout the world and for generations to come.

The “Thank You” is heard in every Aleph and Beis uttered, in every possuk of Chumash iterated, in every word of davening enunciated, in every Mishnah repeated, in every blatt Gemara studied, in every line of Tanya memorized, in every letter, word, sicha and sugia, object and subject studied in the hallowed walls of Oholei Torah and in the hallowed neshomos of our talmidim.

Your breitkeit and generosity fuels each of these timeless, eternal, everlasting holy sounds. And that’s what “Thank You” sounds like.

On behalf of every talmid, family, staff member, board member, community member, and the entire family of Oholei Torah, we want to wish you all infinite berochos begashmius u’beruchnius in an increased, Chodesh Adar manner, and conclude with a resounding:

Yasher Koach — A Breiter Thank You!

P.S. If you missed out on our 34 hour Campaign, every donation will still be greatly appreciated, visit us at www.Oholeitorah.com/Donate to make a donation.

Thank you so much for your support.

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