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Forgot to move your double parked car after alternate side? We are all guilty of it sometimes. Yet although we may laugh it off and thank our luck we did not get a ticket, others may have been inconvenienced terribly. A bus driver of a local school shared a video of the mayhem caused by such oversight, and shared some basic tips on avoiding such issues.

Why I absolutely love Union Street Friday afternoon and this was an “easy day” because I was able to make it through, with an inch or two from each side – watch my bird eye mirrors (in the front of the bus) to see how close I got.

Did You Know: That double parking on Alternate side cleaning days are a courtesy, not a right.
It’s a $145 ticket for double parking. $45 if you don’t move it for cleaning. So if you are so careful to move it and double park it, make sure to move it back on time.

Be a Mensch: If you have to double park, be kind and leave your phone number on the dash. Remember, you are blocking in a vehicle who is totally legally parked and has the right to leave whenever. In addition, if you do forget to move your vehicle (and are now blocking traffic), we can call you right away.

Plan Ahead: We all own smartphones capable of holding hundreds of alarms. Setting an alarm can remind you at the perfect time to move your vehicle, alleviating a lot of headache.

In addition: The following should be done when parking on any street, wide or narrow, but especially on a narrow street. When double parking, put in your mirror and make sure your tires are facing forward.

In addition: make sure not to park four feet away from the car you are double parking besides/ Before walking away, make sure other vehicles, including trucks and buses can get through.

The way you handle a vehicle shows who you are (what type of person are you. are you good and caring or G-d forbid selfish?

Be good, be kind because that’s you. Don’t give in to the jungle mentality, you’re much better than that!


  • 2. 11am to 12;30 wrote:

    the ppl who moved the car back before the time (12;30) should at least make sure there is space for cars and buses to go thru..
    from 12;27 to 12;35 cars are being moved back to the right side you cant say the car is so wrong for being double parked by 12;29…

  • 3. Anonymous wrote:

    I have a note which I laminated and stays in my car always that says “ if you need to get out (when I lock them in by double parking in front of them) please call 718 – – – and I will move my car. I have had people thank me for my consideration, and others – (that I gave the idea that they should do the same), ask me “ what’s wrong with you? You must not be from NY” but I always leave my note in the window when I double park.

  • 4. a decent request wrote:

    good on ya!

    how much more can you do.. you asked like a real mentsh and you took the time to share the actual difficulties you encounter.

    I hope this does help.

  • 5. Bus Driver wrote:

    This video brings back fond memories of driving a school bus in crown heights. It was a very good learning experience and i really learned to maneuver through tight spaces. But sometimes you just can’t…when you park always think about all possibilities of who you might be inconveniencing. and not all bus/truck drivers are nice enough to leave your mirror intact.


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