Picture of the Day

With frigid temperatures and strong winds, some of Crown Heights’s landmarks are having a hard time coping. Besides for the humanity, which has nearly deserted the streets, one of the early casualties to the weather was the iconic sign over Mermelsteins Restaurant. The sign, which has proudly stood for one of the longest standing restaurants in Crown Heights, was torn by the wind, with scraps of it being blown around.


  • 2. The Best wrote:

    At the end of the day, Mermelstein remains the ONLY store in Crown Heights that still serves Heimisha normal food.

  • 4. Lubavitcher yungerman wrote:

    Maybe this is a sign from Hashem to finally revitalize the sign to make the exterior look modern and up to date.

  • 6. Ahavasyisroel wrote:

    I have a modern orthodox sister…she went to the ‘food crawl’ and tried almost every place. Yes, she tried Mermelstein’s and she liked it!

  • 8. Best place in town wrote:

    I love Mermelstein’s.
    Best homemade style food, and the prices are awesome!
    Their old sign says it all. If you want good food, like Mama used to make, this is where you’ll find it.


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