ULY Mentioned in Department of Education Letter

A letter written by the Department of Education calling out four yeshivas for refusing inspectors to evaluate their compliance to DOE guidelines mentioned ULY in a question for clarification. The issue being questioned, How many sites does ULY have?

by crownheights.info

A Department of Education letter that calls out four Brooklyn Yeshivos for not allowing inspectors to their sites includes a question regarding United Lubavitcher Yeshiva. The letter, which deals specifically with high schools, mentions four Yeshivos in Boro Park and Williamsburg that have refused inspection.

The fifth yeshiva discussed in the letter is United Lubavitcher Yeshiva.

The letter first clarifies that the United Lubavitcher Yeshiva on Ocean Parkway has been registered and inspected by the DOE. Yet questions if that registration covers all the ULY sites, naming Chovevei Torah at 885 Eastern Parkway, and 770 Eastern Parkway as additional high schools.

There has been a large outcry by private schools of all religions against the increased regulation of schools by the DOE. Recently, a letter signed by most of the NYC Council called out the DOE for the new guidelines released. The guidelines required a combined span on seven hours dedicated to secular studies for high schoolers.


  • 1. home schooling wrote:

    Maybe it’s time for more home schooling.
    Or maybe it’s time to leave NYC.. I can just imagine the real estate plummeting in all the frum areas if this does take place.
    On line school is yet another option with after school social activities.

    • 2. Crown St ULY wrote:

      The target is ULY Crown Street! Only middle schools are being scrutinized. Grades 5-8 ONLY!

  • 3. ULYOP wrote:

    ULY ocean parkway was inspected and they were very impressed. Every Jewish and especially chabad schools should learn from ULY ocean parkway. In their way of teaching in this new school

  • 4. be cautious with online school wrote:

    As a high school principal, i caution you to be very careful before considering the online schooling option, even with after school social activities. I’ve seen the results in tens of students, who never fully recoup the lack of proper socialization and opportunities to properly navigate the social scene in a healthy manner.

    good luck

    • 5. Ahavasyisroel wrote:

      I assume this would only be as a last resort, if all chabad yeshivas were shut down by the DOE…

    • 6. shliach wrote:

      Well I was on shlichus and my kids were homeschooled until aged 8-9… they were socialized just fine (they knew how to mix with all ages due to their shlichus) and the rebbes brochos… it’s not for everyone but…
      and they were way ahead of their peers when they joined a traditional school.
      Oh and their behaviour was much better when homeschooled.
      Please don’t tar us all with the same brush. Many shluchim do it

  • 7. #3 - CORRECTION - ULY OP wrote:

    ULY OP was inspected. They only inspected Hamesivta and were very impressed.
    Rabbi Lieblich is an amazing Menahel.

    Read Letter, It clearly says High School.
    HaMesivta is the only High School on Ocean Parkway.

  • 9. disgusted wrote:

    why are they putting up with the bs & why hasn’t a federal lawsuit against these guidelines etc. been filed yet?


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