Caught on Camera: A Lost Wallet, Returned

A local school bus driver and Crown Heights Shomrim Volunteers act of chesed was caught on camera Friday. A wallet, dropped on Wednesday was returned to its rightful owner Friday morning, following tenacious detective work in finding its owner.


Nosson Shusterman, a local school bus driver and Crown Heights Shomrim Volunteer, was caught doing an act of chesed Friday morning as he returned a wallet found on the street.

The wallet was found on Wednesday laying in the middle of the street on Montgomery St between Utica Ave and East New York Ave. When they opened the wallet, they found an ID, Credit Cards, as well as cash inside.

The ID was obviously of someone not from the community, but this did not deter Nosson from attempting to find the owner.

Nosson recruited the help of his wife, and the owner of the wallet was located, contacted, and a meet was set up.

Friday morning, as the wallet was being returned, the interaction was captured on camera. The owner, incredibly grateful, can be seen smiling as the wallet was returned.


    • 3. Good wrote:

      This wont be getting 200 comments because this doesnt fit the narrative of those that hate us including those amongst us that are embarrassed by our values and ideals.

      The story that was posted on the fluff community website attacking and labeling our entire community was done for personal gain and clicks…

      Its because of the drivel that was posted by the fluf site that stories like this need to be posted.

  • 5. Mendel wrote:

    Noson is the best.

    I seen him 2:00 am walking around crown Hieghts.

    The day before Sukkos my Lyft driver wanted to drop me off at Utica and Eastern Parkway. I had with me my Talis and tefilin, tools to build my Sukah, lulav esrogim and shopping.

    I called Shomrim and explained my problem the Lyft driver refused to take me home to Eastern Parkway and Brooklyn ave and he told me to get out of his car.

    In 2 minutes Noson came and helped me out. He ensured I was able to take everything out of the car and arranged for me to go home safely

    Thank you Noson.

    We need more ppl left me you in crown Hieghts.

    I’m proud to have you as a friend too.

  • 6. S59 wrote:

    Thanks for the good news article. May you have much more good news to report, especially the good news of the coming of modhiach now!

  • 7. Lovely message! wrote:

    I love that he told her “it’s in the Bible”!
    We act because of the commandments

  • 8. luv comment #2 wrote:

    wouldn’t it be amazing if that would happen?

    nice story………. nice to see positive reporting!!


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