Torah Completion Today in Memory of Shmuel Sarfati A”H

The community is invited to join in the celebration of the completion of a Sefer Torah L’Iluy Nishmas Hachayol Shmuel Sarfati A”H. Shmuel, a young Shliach, was killed in a car accident while doing Mivtzah Daled Minim two years ago on the first day of Sukkos.

Immediately after, friends of his parents took the initiative to start a Sefer Torah dedicated to unite the Shluchim around the world in his honor.

The Siyum will take place at 4:30pm at the Bais Medrash of 580 Crown Street. All are invited to participate.

The celebration will continue to 770, where there will be Pesukim and Hakafos at 6:00pm upstairs in the Zal Hakatan.

The Sefer torah will later be taken to their Chabad House in Poissy, France.

May the Family fund comfort in their grief and may we speedily merit the coming of Moshiach.

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  • 1. so sad wrote:

    how old was he?
    whats his name and father name?
    was he the only one killed?
    was anyone else injured?
    MOSHICAH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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