Boys School First to Put on “Production”

A boy’s school in Crown Heights is the first to be putting on a “production”, much like the ones commonly done by girls schools. The production will be based on Yud Shvat and organizers are calling it “epic!”

With Yud Shvat rapidly approaching, the 7th and 8th graders of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva are preparing an epic Yud Shvat production, bringing the Maamor of Basi L’gani to life.

As a school-wide Basi L’gani project, the Talmidim of all grades learn the Maamor Basi L’gani, as well as acquire it B’al Peh.

Infused with the Chayus of the Maamor, the Talmidim of the older grades collaborated with their Rebbis to delve one step deeper into the Maamor by reliving and reenacting the stories told in the Maamor.

The Talmidim spent their free time during recces and after Yeshiva on this extra-curricular activity in order to share what’s inspiring them with the whole community.

The Talmidim are inviting, men, women and children to join this unforgettable experience.

Sunday, 12 Shvat, January 28, 6:30PM
At the New Heights Middle School Auditorium
790 East New York Ave. (Corner Troy)

Tickets can be purchased at


  • 3. NICE!! wrote:

    Giving kids a Chassidishe opportunity to express their talents!!

    We need more such projects!!

    • 7. Berel wrote:

      Yes of course I prefer my daughters in a glorified camp than roaming the streets r’l.

      It isn’t a month, it’s closer to two and the running joke amongst the girls and their teachers is that school ends at chanuka. After school is dismissed for production, it doesn’t come back after recess.

      It’s not so much the production itself, but the school’s complete inability to manage the proportions.

      In high school they say school ends a chanuka so its possible to say school ends with junior high.

  • 8. Berel wrote:

    The girls High School productions are a disaster.

    School comes to a halt. It’s absurd. In junior high, the production isn’t serious but the moment daughter hit high school, school just died. She’s a perfect student but high school isn’t half as difficult as junior high. The teachers say as much.

    there’s no more, more, no more homework, tests are a joke, the only thing going on is stupid dance routines.

    High school is glorified camp.

    So whatever, just be careful before adopting this particular extra curricular enhancement to ensure that it doesn’t become what school is all about.

    • 9. wth wrote:

      I don’t know where you get your information from but in my school production is an opportunity for everyone to become united and more inclusive which to me is more important than having tests and homework (which by the way we still do) for a month of production. If high school is a “glorified camp” don’t send your daughter and just wait for her to be roaming the streets…hmmmm rather her in a glorified camp now, don’t you?

    • 10. CHAVAL wrote:

      there were only positive comments and then…………

    • 11. Guess what? wrote:

      This is learning at its highest level. These are the lessons that will follow them through life, with the nigunim and experiences that they will share with their kinderlach. This is Chassidishe chayus, leben mit’n Rebbe’n that catches on like fire, gets the whole family enthused. What more could a parent wish for?

      Moshiach NOW!

  • 12. to berel wrote:

    You have no concept or appreciation of what production is all about.

    It is a time where talent can be shown and where the students who are weak in their studies get to shine!!

    Majority of students love production for the above mentoned reason.

  • 13. A parent wrote:

    This is incredible and long overdue. I begged for this type of “extra curricular” learning when my son was in school there. They wouldn’t hear of it, sadly.

    I’m so glad that someone finally listened.

  • 14. Anonymous wrote:

    A production gives the students of a school a chance to become united and learn to work together and to be proud of their accomplishments. It is an opportunity for our children to
    develop their talents. The benefits are so many. Why not have a school production?

  • 15. Parent wrote:

    I think it’s a terrific idea. For 2 reasons

    1- It’ll help the boys Yeshiva raise money.
    2- It’ll give the boys (who are weak in their studies) a chance to look good.


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