NYPD Touts ‘Violence-Free’ J’Ouvert

From DNAinfo by Kate Pastor:

Heightened security at this year’s J’Ouvert celebration led to zero violent incidents tied to the pre-carnival event, despite a double shooting early Monday just blocks from the West Indian Day Parade route.

Arrests linked to J’Ouvert — the formerly violence-prone pre-dawn event that acts as a precursor to the West Indian Day Parade —  dropped to seven this year from 12 in 2016, including one gun arrest compared to seven last year, the NYPD said.

Arrests along the West Indian Day Parade route also fell, from 18 last year to four this year, police said. One man was shot and another stabbed along the parade route Monday, though both were expected to survive.

Earlier in the morning, around 5 a.m., two men were shot in front of 1692 Union St. in Crown Heights as locals in the neighborhood were setting up for a barbecue, police and sources said.

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  • 1. Milhouse wrote:

    Well, there’s a way to achieve a “violence-free” event; just don’t link any violence that happens there to it. It’s a pity they didn’t think of this method years ago; just think, we could have had no violence ever at J’ouvert, simply by classifying all the violence that occurred at pre-event parties as “unrelated” to the event itself.

    Carey Gabay, for instance, was shot at 3:40am, at a party on Bedford between Sullivan and Montgomery. That’s not directly on the parade route, and well before the J’ouvert parade started (it used to be called for 4:00, but according to its own organizers it never got started before 5:30 at the earliest). So why link it to the parade? Had this link not been made J’ouvert could have avoided all the bad PR that lead to this year’s tight restrictions — but Gabay would have been just as dead.

  • 2. The kangeroo wrote:

    Great job NYPD! Could you do something that would lower the price of yanover esrogim?

  • 4. disappointed wrote:

    total bs & they know it arrests were probably down simply because of probable orders not to make them There were 2 stabbings the night before as well & probably violence did drop because of a day time start


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