Citi Bike Program Arrives in Crown Heights

The NYC Dept. of Transportation has announced the final locations of several Citi Bike stations that will soon be installed on the western side of Crown Heights, between Prospect Park and Rogers Avenue.

from DNAinfo by Rachel Holiday Smith:

The city has released the final map of where new Citi Bike stations will be installed in Prospect Heights, Crown Heights and Prospect-Lefferts Gardens.

The Department of Transportation had taken input from the residents about where Citi BIke should expand in the neighborhood and released draft locations this spring.

Now, DOT has finalized the bike share expansion, releasing the final map to Brooklyn Community Board 8 on Friday, which sent out the locations in an alert to residents.

“The opportunity for comment is over and these locations will not be altered,” the board said in an email.

Only two of the Citi Bike locations had been moved or adjusted from the draft maps; stations at the corners of Park Place and Vanderbilt Avenue and Bergen Street and Grand Avenue were moved across the street and around the corner, respectively, according to the map.

The Citi BIke expansion in the Crown Heights area extends east to Rogers Avenue and south to Lefferts Avenue. There are currently no plans to expand the bike sharing program further east or south, its operators have said.

The new docks will be installed by the end of the year, DOT said.


  • 1. Anonymous wrote:

    It will help the environment I support but we need bike lanes throughout. Too .any cars on the road and not enough parking this a solution

  • 2. Crown heights reality wrote:

    What is to keep these brand new bikes from being stolen? We have to buy expensive locks to keeping our kids bikes from being stolen.

  • 3. The kangeroo wrote:

    I hope that this will keep the thieves of the area occupied and they would leave the kids bikes unmolested

  • 4. Yossel wrote:

    Renting these bicycles is EXPENSIVE and it would just be cheaper to buy a used bike (or find one in the trash and repair it) if you really want to cycle.

    It’s sort of like leasing a car, when you can buy a nice used car or van for a lot less and not waste Yiddishe gelt on overpriced fancy vehicles that you can never own and that you must keep in perfect condition when you return it to the leasing company.

  • 5. jimbo wrote:

    to #4 you clearly do not get the whole idea.. i use these nearly daily in the requires i move around to meeting alot and often the subways dont get close to where you need to go.. this fill in the gaps and you just leave them at the docking station.. as usual the US is far behind on initiatives like this.. these have been super popular in Europe for years.

    and thieves dont like them because they have no value.. if you are on medicare or benefits you can get a reduced costs membership


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