Community Rallies Behind Linda Sarsour’s Brother

from the Algemeiner:

Jews in Crown Heights and all over the city have rallied behind the brother of prominent BDS advocate Linda Sarsour after an extremist group issued a call for him to be “run out” of the kosher restaurant where he works.

Mohammed “Moe”  Sarsour — who works at popular kosher barbecue joint Izzy’s Smokehouse — was reportedly targeted on a flier issued by the Jewish Defense Organization (JDO) as punishment for his sister’s political activities. “Linda Sarsour[,] a hard core Hamas Islamic Nazi terrorist … has a brother pro-Hamas terror [sic] who works at Izzy [sic] Smokehouse. … Let us run him out now before it’s too late!!” the flier said.

But the guilt by association harassment was, according to The New York Jewish Week, too much for patrons of Izzy’s, who remembered Moe Sarsour’s successful effort to save the life of a man who was stabbed outside his father’s store two years ago.

“Linda Sarsour is problematic, Mohammed isn’t,” Simcha Bard, who has known Sarsour for several years, was quoted as saying. “Quite frankly, anything you might associate with Linda in any way shape or form, shouldn’t define her brother. Linda is fair game, but to attack Mohammed is truly unfair considering his decency and his record of public service, having saved a stabbing victim.”

Commenters on local Crown Heights news websites echoed Bard’s views. “When you are in Izzy’s and you see Moe interact with the people you see his respect for our community and we should embrace that and show how beautiful our community can be,” one post read.

“This is revolting, disgusting, and un-American,” another commenter wrote. “The publishers of this flyer should be embarrassed of themselves. This is not how Jews are supposed to act.”

A.J. Weberman, a representative of the JDO, told The Jewish Week that the fliers were produced by “a more extreme part” of the group, but added that if Moe Sarsour wanted to work at a kosher restaurant “he should denounce Linda.”


  • 1. let "moe" speak wrote:

    Lets have Mohammed speak to state his opinion on his sister’s anti-Israelism does he support or not support BDS?

    • 2. Are you stupid? wrote:

      He doesn’t have to defend himself. He’s done nothing wrong.

  • 3. Fools wrote:

    There are too many stories of so called ‘moderate’ muslims when terrible things Gd forbid happened. Particularly when in their own family there are siblings or close relatives who have become islamist animals, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Stop being so pc. Take your self-righteous, Jewish guilt conscience heads out of the ground.

    • 4. Are you stupid? wrote:

      He’s done nothing wrong. You can’t just place someone in a category because he has an anti-semetic sister. Wrong on so many levels.

    • 5. Anonymous wrote:

      Dude. Nobody in this article has Jewish guilt. Nobody here is being PC either. You’re wrong on this. You see, it’s the Islamists fault for all the stupid things that ruins the Muslim community.

  • 6. req wrote:

    both #1 and #2 have very good points.
    I’ve read holocaust stories where the housekeepers were like family to their Jewish employers, but after Chrystalnacht, they were handing their silver items and other valuables over the fence to their Polish goy neighbors.
    I don’t know if he is or is not a supporter of of the same beliefs as his sister, but its really something of concern and must be dealt with carefully and thoughtfully.

  • 7. Y Mochkin wrote:

    I know him ssince he is a kid I know his father nick for over 30 years was my tenant for many years paid me the rent on time always with a smile always in a good mood it’s true and today’s crazy world we don’t even know are very close ones cannot trust with the register anybody but if you look on track record many people know them for many many years and I haven’t found anyone to have a bad word to say on them they always worked hard with a lot of patience to one and all I certainly would not fear or charge a whole family based on their background or one member that is open knowledge of tho record back to the person he works so hard for a living it does tell you something and the whole family workt hard and they did seem to get along and live in peace with each other and with the public

    • 8. A Gift for you wrote:

      Thanks for your great comment but I’m going to send you a box of full stops, please feel free to use them as often as needed.

    • 9. Yechiel wrote:

      Since when was he your tenant?
      I own the building for years.
      You never owned the building.

      Also, yes his father is nice, but just like his sister changed so can he. And the “community” never got together to back him, you have a few names who no one ever heard of that are backing him… No one backs him bc no one knows

  • 10. aaron wrote:

    he shouldn’t have to denounce his own sister. we know he’s a good guy, and should not be pressured into doing anything

  • 11. when in doubt wrote:

    when in doubt leave it out.

    to say the community rallied behind him is actually a bissel krank..
    this is where the community rallies together.
    ich ken brachin!

  • 12. WHAT IS AN ARAB (Muslim) wrote:

    He is a person who will hug you from the face while stabbing you in the back.
    Are there no Jews in need of a job that Izzy’s needs to resort to not only a goy but a VERY controversial goy to boot.

  • 14. Picaboo Shimon wrote:

    I denounce linda sarsour for her rhetoric against Israel and I simultaneously support her brother Mohamed because he has done nothing wrong and therefore does not deserve to lose his job.

  • 16. Why was aljazera on thier tv always wrote:

    Why was aljazera on mohameds fathers tv in his father nicks store all the time? Why did one of nicks sons maybe it was mohamed, curse out jews in the store in arabic when i was there?
    I told nick at the time. Nick didnt act suprised.
    Why isnt a jew being given this job!

  • 17. Hebron 1929 wrote:

    Once when taking a tour of Hebron, we were told how so called friendly arabs slaughtered Jewish families. I remember particularly how a Rabbi Kastel opened his barricaded door to let in one such friendly Arab who then chopped the Rabbi to death with an axe.

    True we shouldn’t judge others on the basis of what their family members think or say. But the hatred from arabs to Jews runs very deeply. Friend today, axe tomorrow.

    Spend a minute and watch this…

    • 18. hs44 wrote:

      You totally make sense. Similar to what #5 req said. We just have to be careful. We don’t have to be vindictive, just cautious

  • 19. T.B. wrote:

    In krm store, in boro park, they hired a lot of muslims from uzbekistan, they also speak russian. I was born there and understand uzbeki language. Once I heard them cursing jews knowong no one understand what they say. Besides me…
    So, my dear community, I wish we would be so nice and supportive to each other and please always keep in your mind our brothers in Eretz Isroel.
    We went through a lot by trusting where is no need and not trusting where is need. I personally will not visit that restaurant.

  • 23. Shimonshak wrote:

    Get a life loosers!! If we allow actual child molesters to live in our community with no articles we can let a nice person who has done nothing wrong work wherever he pleases. On a personal note ive interacted with him and his family for 5 years and have nothing but good things to say about them.

  • 25. Hire Jews first!!! wrote:

    This is sadly so common. From the cashiers in our grocery stores who curse us in Spanish, to the workers who push us out of their way so they can stock their shelves. Why are they hiring goyim when Yidden need jobs?!?! I have a feeling this is driscrimination. And to the Managers: don’t you see how much they hate us and are so nasty to your customers? Don’t you care? Please think about this when you do your hiring! As for this situation with the Arab? Misplaced chesed of a Jew.

    • 26. Exactly wrote:

      You’re 100% correct, it is discrimination. The Jewish store owners are discriminating by choosing to hire people who actually want to work.

    • 27. ahavas yisroel wrote:

      so you are going to hurt another Jew’s parnosa on the basis that he didn’t give parnosa to hypothetical Jews.


  • 28. from europe wrote:

    here we have acts of terror everyday now, and the comments about the terrorists in the news are always the same, “shocking he was such a nice guy” or “he was so polite” etc…, i’m not saying he is a terrorist, he might even be a great guy for all i know, but be aware, Muslims are at war against jews (among others).


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