Crown Heightser Is Crowned Brisket King of NYC

Crown Heights’ very own Sruly Eidelman, purveyor of delicious kosher barbecue from his Troy Avenue establishment Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse, has claimed the top prize in the annual Brisket King NYC competition.

from the Forward:

It was a post-Passover triumph: Sruly Eidelman of the Crown Heights kosher barbecue establishment Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse took home both the crown and the golden calf trophy.

Eidelman placed second last year, while Ari White from the Wandering Que took home the title in the 2016 competition, making this the second year in a row that a Jewish pitmaster won the top prize.

Eidelman went up against some of the best barbecue pitmasters in New York City, including decorated competition pitmaster Robbie Richter. Eidelman and his team of “knuckleheads” (according to the announcer at the event) served the judges three different portions of brisket: lean, fatty and pastrami. After tasting Eidelman’s smoked brisket, the judges unanimously crowned him the Brisket King of NYC.


  • 4. I am embarrassed wrote:

    Is this what we take pride in???
    Is this what we have come down to? Parading smoked animals?
    What happened to our way of life? Gluttonous. Disgusting. Shame.

  • 5. congrats! wrote:

    what can we learn from this? the avoda of the tzadik is compared in Tanya to the wealthy man who keeps a consistent fire, not too hot and not too cool.

  • 7. cholentmitkugel wrote:

    What do you mean you don’t eat no meat? Don’t worry. ..I’ll make you Brisket!


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