17-Unit Building to Replace Union Street Home

Brooklyn-based Candor Capital has filed applications for a six-story, 17-unit residential building at 1764 Union Street, located between Utica and Rochester Avenues, on the eastern end of Crown Heights near Lincoln-Terrace Park.

According to the filed application, the project will measure 14,206 square feet and rise to a height of 63 feet. The residential units will average 705 square feet apiece, indicative of single-bedroom rental apartments.

The architect of record is Diego B. Aguilera, a firm based in Rego Park, Queens.

The 3,483-square-foot lot was occupied by a two-story townhouse until the structure was demolished in October 2015.


  • 2. Resident wrote:

    Ad Mossi !! Chasidim wake up ! This is no parking more pritzus less rentals for us and many other detrimental factors!! Enough is enough our kids are at stake out neighborhood and future is at stake let’s make a vaad at least to push for more apartments for our ppl!!

  • 3. "More apartments for our people" wrote:

    Gentrification and supply & demand have made living in CH unaffordable for the most part except for those who are wealthy, have wealthy family or bought a home before home prices skyrocketed. That’s the sad fact. Don’t hold your breath for “the vaad” to do anything about it. It was always the Rebbe’s ratzon to have affordable housing in CH for Anash, but with some notable exceptions those who could do something about it had other more pressing concerns and agendas, v’dai l’mayvin.

  • 4. mwws wrote:

    will this be absurd rents, or will it be the kind of rent that some of our nice, not so high income making families will be able to afford????
    It is time to stop being greedy, and make things liveable for all, not just for some.

  • 7. Family Guy wrote:

    Less sun and less housing for families. The size of these units is so small. Everyone is building for profit.

  • 8. YOU can stop this wrote:

    YOU can put a halt on this project by demandind more parking. DO you know how many yidden live on uniun and utica and there is ALREADY a HUGE parking shortage. Call 311 and tell the department of building that there needs to be more parking if they will give out the permits for this.
    YOU can call the chjcc and pressure Chanina and every one else. Show them you are not sleeping,
    YOu can stop a landlord and tell them they are killing the future of this neighberhood.. We know which ones we are talking about.
    YOu can help organize a protest , show up to board meetings etc to stop this nonsense of just handing out permits instead of two family homes for multi buildings. Call board nine and find out when is the next meeting. I HAVE NEWS< IT WONT END HERE and UNLESS YOU, get involved it will only get worse. Do YOUR part

  • 9. yosef wrote:

    nice, some more Goyim taking apartments from jews, now we know why people are flocking out of CH like flies!!

  • 10. Family Advocate wrote:

    I believe there are regulations that they must include parking in the the building plans for half of the unit so the building plans should include 13 parking spots but there are loop holes where builders will trying to get out of it if they are not held accountable. Has anyone looked at the plan? Contact the developers?

    Why are they no building for families?

  • 11. Move wrote:

    Come check out Kingston, Pa, we have a pizza shop, cheder and shul with many opportunities in a growing community. We are only 2 1/2 from Crown Heights. We are 20-45 mins away from all the ski resorts as well. Also near all major highways.


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