Man Sues City Claiming ‘Racist, Trump-Loving’ Cop Harassed Him in Crown Heights Park

from the Prospect Heights Patch:

Najja Plowden, a 35-year-old army veteran, soccer coach and therapist for special-ed kids who lives in Crown Heights, is suing the city for what he calls a night of “humiliation” at the hands of a 77th Precinct NYPD Officer — an ordeal he claims amounted to “false arrest, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.”

In the suit, filed last Friday, Plowden claims he was “peacefully” walking his dog through Brower Park just after midnight on Aug. 17 when two NYPD officers pulled up in their patrol car.

Loweth, one of the officers, allegedly told Plowden it was illegal for him to be in Brower Park after dark — which is true, but which the lawsuit claims is not made clear in park signage — and demanded to see his ID.

“There was a Caucasian individual nearby in the park, playing fetch with a dog, but [Officer] Loweth ignored that individual,” the suit says.

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  • 1. Whew! wrote:

    If everything Plowden is saying is true–and I mean EVERYTHING–then this whole thing is truly disgraceful.

  • 2. Midnight at this park wrote:

    Brower Park is no place to be at midnight. Better to just stay on the streets with walking your dog.

    The “caucasian playing fetch” shouldn’t have been in the park, either, at midnight.

    All of this being said, however, Plowden’s story sounds horrendously harrowing, and I surely hope he will be OK, and that the officer in question will be severely punished and lose the “opportunity” to inflict such behavior on anyone else in any community!

  • 3. Boruch wrote:

    Seems like this guy learned how to game the system. I was once arrested falsely based on a misunderstanding (the dumb cop thought I stole the car because she couldn’t understand a rental agreement contract with enterprise) and was let go with ticket for driving over speed limit. Though it was unpleasant, I didn’t feel like a victim with entitlement to a big payday. You know why? Because I wasn’t! It’s part of life. Shame them on TV or your social media if you need to vent, and move on.

    • 4. It's not about pay day wrote:

      By you not suing this dumb cop stays on the force and isn’t dissaplinned. Also were you harassed for 7 hours in the police station? Nobody should have their civil rights violated in this country, and just think about it this idiot cop doesn’t like us yidden anymore then he does black people and one of us couldve been his next victim.

  • 6. Informed wrote:

    Being in the park after dark is a crime. There is two ways it goes. 1, he gives the cop his ID and he gets a ticket. Or 2, he doesn’t have ID so the cop takes him to the precinct were they can ID him.
    That being said. What ever happens (gives ID or not) the cop will check for warrents and if you have one then its not your lucky day.
    The cop did his job by the book. This knuckle head has no case.


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