7-Story Apartment Building to Replace 2-Family Homes

A pair of two-family homes are set to be replaced by a new seven-story residential building on Sullivan Place and Nostrand Ave. in Crown Heights, building records show.

From DNAinfo by Rachel Holiday Smith:

Developers bought the pair of homes at 262 and 264 Sullivan Pl. between Rogers and Nostrand avenues in 2014, deeds show, and will now build a 25-unit apartment building on the lot, according to permits approved by the city this summer.

The new building is designed at the maximum height allowed on the two lots by the block’s R7-1 zoning.

A preliminary rendering of the building filed by the developers in construction permits shows a facade with terraces on the top two floors and small balconies on units facing Sullivan Place. The project will include eight enclosed parking spaces, the documents show.

The homes on the lot were demolished last month to make way for construction, according to residents keeping tabs on the property at Brooklynian.com, a local message board.

It’s unclear if the new building will be rentals or condominiums. A representative of the company behind the project, “264 Sullivan Pl Group LLC,” could not answer questions about the building and the owner, Mendel Gold, could not immediately be reached for comment.


    • 2. let's join to stop destruction wrote:

      It’s great to give tzedaka but not an expense of destroying a yidishe neighberhood. There are few drum families on the block and this just causes other owners to sell developers instead of regular ppl looking for a roof for their family. The asking price shoots up. It’s against halacha to weaken a drum neighberhood. Watch out for what’s next. The heart of ch. Chas vesholom

  • 3. Resident wrote:

    this guy is a known slumlord. Does any one know if he satmar ? or lubavitch or litvish ? This is SCARY!!! SAY NO TO REZONING OF EMPIRE BLVD!!!! PLEASE CALL BOARD NINE. IT TAKES ONE MINUTE. CALL YAAKOV BEHRMAN TELL HIM TO VOTE NO!! There is no more shame just greed. When satmars are renting to hipsters right next door to a shul on empire. Great future for our kids. MAKE THAT CALL

  • 4. satmar wrote:

    This is a satmar developer . Look online. it says he rents out room by room. completely illegal

  • 5. satmar wrote:

    No one should sell to these people. destroying each block. You never know what will come up next to you. Hashem, have mercy on us

  • 6. CHer wrote:

    How can we expect the satmar not to sell/rent to goyim, when our very lubavithcers own are doing the same??

    i believe anyone that sell or rent to a non jew , should not be allowed to send their children to our mosdos, or have alyos in shul etc.

  • 7. Enough! wrote:

    Please post the phone # to “board 9” or any other numbers we can call to oppose this. Brooklyn is overpopulated already and it is unsanitary and unhealthy to cram so many people in such a small space. STOP!!!!


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