Cartoonist Takes on Bernie Sanders, Al Sharpton

Back in February, cartoonist Hersh Goldman of Massachusetts drew two cartoons expressing his indignation that then-presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a Jew, met with and praised one of the main instigators of the Crown Heights riots, Al Sharpton.

Now that we mark the 25th Anniversary of the riots, the cartoonist felt it was time to share them with the Crown Heights community.

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  • DeClasse' Intellectual

    If you think these two represent mass negativity, just remember the Clinton connection throuh personnel contact and the foundation with George Soros. Soros just wants to destroy the state of Israel and he supports every anti-Israel organization to the fullest. Just you do not think that Clinton will not be anti_Israel; after all, 8 million plus given by Soros is not pocket change.
    P.S. Many people state that there is proof that George Soros and his father aided the Nazi death palan for the Jews. This Clinton’s great baggage.

    • Milhouse

      Many people stating something doesn’t make it even slightly true. Either the proof exists or it doesn’t, and my money is on “doesn’t”.

      Clinton is indeed a great baggage, but I fail to see the relevance.

  • DeClasse' Intellectual

    #4) Let us see, Clinton’s daughter got married in Soros’s house. Soros through the DNC and Clinton attempted to bribed–opps influence– a decision of the Supreme Court concerning an Obama executive order; after, the Supreme Court was deadlock, thus voiding the executive order, Soros let it be known that he expected Clinton to correct the error. He has given over 8 million to her campaign and he is a big maker in the Clinton foundation. Oh, yes, he hates Jews and their beliefs. Do your research!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Milhouse

      And this has what to do with scurrilous rumours about his wartime activities? Let alone about his father?

      And no, he did not try to bribe the supreme court. He funded an amicus brief, which is exactly the way one is supposed to influence a court decision. To spin that into something nefarious is dishonest and wicked.

      What is the Jewish position on immigration? See Sedom and Amora.

  • Let it be out in the open

    Goldman – Bullseye!
    Ur illustrations and comments say it all!
    You’re a man of talent and truth!