Hatzalah Windshield Vandalized with Angry Message

An irresponsible and unthinking individual put others’ lives in unnecessary danger by gluing a piece of paper to the windshield of a Hatzalah volunteer ambulance. The note read: “You are not above the law.”

The incident occurred on Friday to the ambulance parked in front of Empire Shteibel – which is strategically parked there to service the southwestern portion of the neighborhood in case of an emergency in which every second matters.

A passerby noticed the hostile message and immediately notified Hatzalah. “I was concerned that if they only noticed the paper when already on an emergency call, the time they spend trying to remove it – or the blocked vision of the driver if it were not removed – could potentially cost a life,” the man told CrownHeights.info.

It is not known to us if the incident was brought to the attention of the police, or if Hatzalah will pursue charges of reckless endangerment if the perpetrator were found.

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  • Horrible!!!

    Why not report? A crime only “happens” if a report is made to the police. If this hateful crime goes unpunished it could CV”S lead to worse. Plus get the police involved ASAP. We all need Hatzallah.

  • Big Z Schapiro

    Empire Shteibel Should checked through their civilian camera and find out who put that piece of paper on the Hatzalah van and this is really crazy why would someone do such a stupid thing like that

  • Justice

    Sounds like some Hatzalah EMS person might have committed a serious crime while on the job, and this is all that the victim feels he or she can do.

    • Pedant

      No it sounds like left wing trash who have long ceded their human agency to the Government protectorate and who seethe at every expression of societal autonomy. See, we can make up stuff too.


    No, if the ambulance was delayed in trying to save YOUR life would you still feel the same way? I hardly think so.
    And yes, just like any police car or city ambulance is “above the law” by having the necessary convenience of being able to park anywhere, and pass red lights if necessary, Hatsallah has the same rights and perhaps even more so as they respond asap. Whoever wrote that and stuck it on should be penalized as it could very easily have caused a hazard.

  • come on

    you are correct this is wrong
    but let them park the ambulance like a mench not the wrong way

    • Anonymous

      do you know why they park the ambulance that way? because they need to attach it to the cables to recharge it.

    • In the know...

      It’s parked “that way” because it faces a bus stop – so it is never blocked in by parked cars. OBVIOUS to anyone with at least some brain function!!

  • Pedant

    Get used to it. The world is crumbling around us. About the only thing healthy in this degenerating world, is the Jewish people and the Jewish community. Symbols of communal health, like the haztolah and citizen patrol, inspire hate and jealousy amount the various flavors of miscreants that surround us. Make no mistake, they come from broken homes, and won’t dare marry or have kids and are scared to death of dying alone and poor which is the historical lot of those who have no community and no family and this applies to both black and white miscreants.

    So they will lash out. They hate haztolah, they hate the Jewish community and they hate themselves and the world around them.

    Nihilists, the lot of them, they wish to see it all burn.

  • Cherry Bim

    As we are all aware; Hatzalah vehicles, as well as non-Hatzalah ambulettes, do take advantage of parking and traffic situations in non-emergencies. If we get annoyed; you can imagine when aino-yehudim are affected. Let there be no excuses for chillul Hashem. –

  • cher

    the gut that glued that note to the ambulance needs to be caught & prosecuted but the hatzalah guy was a little bit at fault too for parking the ambulance the wrong way & he could get a summons for something like that.that does not give anybody the right to glue such a note to the ambulance but the hatzalah guy was a little bit at fault too for parking the ambulance the wrong way.

    • member

      the reason the ambulance is parked the wrong was it because thats where the outlet ports that bring in electricity from the shul to charge the equipment.

    • In the know...

      Uh? The OBVIOUS reason it is parked that way is so that it won’t be blocked in by parked cars. It faces a bus stop!

  • bev

    We never said we were above the law. We are helping save lives. whichever revolting creature stuck that note on the window is filth and will rot in a gutter.

  • Reuven Lipkind

    Hatzallla saves lives who gives a care which way they park their work gives them the right to park any way they like period