Crown Heights Firehouse is Most Diverse in NYC

From the NY Daily News:

Engine 234 in Crown Heights is currently the only majority black FDNY company in the city — a record no firehouse has come close to reaching since the 1970s, the Daily News has learned.

The fast-paced engine company is staffed by four officers, all of whom are black, FDNY records show.

The highest-ranking officer, Capt. Paul Washington, was part of a landmark discrimination lawsuit filed by black firefighters — known as the Vulcans — that paved the way for change.

“The diversity on the job is increasing — and I wouldn’t expect it to go down,” Capt. Washington said outside Engine 234.

A recent picture captured a snapshot of the exceptional company — still a rarity in FDNY, which, at 76% white, remains the least diverse city agency.

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  • 1. Just Sayin' wrote:

    “The fast-paced engine company is staffed by four officers, all of whom are black.”

    That’s not diverse, that’s all black. It’s amazing how certain words have been hijacked. I count zero Hispanics and one woman in that group. It’s mostly black, by an almost 2.5:1 ratio. It’s male by a 20:1 ratio. An area that is mostly populated by blacks should definitely have a firefighting team that is representative of the neighborhood it serves. But let’s keep words like”diverse” out of the conversation.

  • 3. That's not diverse wrote:

    Diverse means that you have an equal mixture of all races, it does not mean they are all black.

  • 5. Here's the breakdown wrote:

    This is not diverse. This is basically all-black. Which is fine and good, but why is it being lauded as diverse?

    and btw, that 76% white statistic is not so absurd considering that the US population is:

    62% white
    12% black
    18% hispanic
    6% asian

  • 6. Pedant wrote:

    I’ll say. This ‘diversity’ claptrap is modern paganism. This racism/*phobia/hate is an evil which must be eradicated is modern paganism. It’s all double plus good think and if you thing only double plus good think you are absolved of all evil (literally). the modern mind-slaves get more worked up about *phobia than they do about adultery or robbery. Accept mind-slavery and you are granted salvation. It’s like xianty without the higher power, but more to the point is mind-slavery.

    It’s disturbing to see a headline like this on what was once a simple community website. Don’t get infected, these zombies need braaaaains.

  • 7. Milhouse wrote:

    This obsession with the ratio of races in various occupations is insane. Why should the makeup of the fire department reflect that of the city, or the neighborhood? Why should we expect that all kinds of people are equally attracted to that kind of work, or suited for it? Who benefits from all this nose counting? Are fires being put out any faster because of it? That’s all that should matter.

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    G-d bless our brave firefighters, whatever race or gender they are !!!


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