‘Charlie Buttons’ in the Hospital; Tehilim Requested

Beloved Crown Heights personality ‘Charlie Buttons’ is unfortunately in the hospital due to health complications, and his brother requested that Tehillim be recited on his behalf. His name is Tzaddik haLevi ben Masha Ruchel.

His brother, Yerachmiel Altman of Sharon, Massachusetts, in an open letter to the Crown Heights community, wrote:

My dear brother Tzaddik haLevi (Charlie Buttons) has again taken to saying Chassidus in the double arches (Methodist hospital, Park Slope). He is in room number 709A South.

1] If anyone is able to visit him it would be a great mitzvah. Bring him kosher food (that is according to the diet they have put him on – you’ll have to ask him as it is changing almost daily).

2] I find it hard to believe but I am begging people that if they want him at their simchas MAKE CERTAIN he drinks water. This is far too many times he has been taken to emergency for dehydration. Tzaddik haLevi NEVER thinks about himself. He doesn’t think about drinking on hot days or what happens if/when one doesn’t drink. PLEASE especially if you enjoy his mitzvahs in bringing simcha to everywhere, ensure he drinks water when with you.

Please call Methodist and ask to speak with him or even better go and visit. For everyone who has enjoyed his simcha, let’s work together to bring him some simcha!


  • 1. what an appropriate name wrote:

    refuah sheleima
    his zchusim bring our community only good and it should bring him a revealed refuah sheleima
    we need Charlie!
    We want Charlie!
    He is probably a lamed vovnik

  • 2. Anonymous wrote:

    Hashem, I beg you from the bottom of my heart to make him get better!!! He brought so much joy to kids!!! Whenever he came to a wedding in my family he made me smile!!!

    May he get better!!!

  • 3. Crown Heights Resident wrote:

    I wish you a Refuah Shlema Charlie. We all need you to get better

  • 5. REFUA SHELEIMA! wrote:

    May Tzaddik haLevi ben Masha Ruchel have a refua sheleima that he may once again be m’sameach everyone at our simchas, enjoy some good health, and dance with us all to the geula sheleima!

    Yerachmiel Altman: How old is Tzaddik? What is his kapitel Tehillim please?

    If anyone finds out what kind of a diet he’s on, please post it here. Thanks!

  • 6. yerachmiel bruchya haLevi wrote:

    Please add perek ע”ג 73 to your tehillim for the refua shleima of my holy brother!!

  • 7. REFUA SHELEIMA! wrote:

    Charlie’s / Tzaddik’s brother has asked us to say kapitel 73 for his health.

    It also struck me that the Rebbe said our mazel is connected to the using of our Hebrew name. Let’s all refer to him as Tzaddik from now on, andd may we all dance to the geulah b’korov mamash!

  • 8. Charlie's friend wrote:

    Wait a minute I thought Charlie only had a sister & his real last name is Nasoffer & not Altman.
    Anyway a refua sheleima Charlie!!!!!


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