NYPD to Double Officers on Duty for ‘J’Ouvert’

From Patch:

The NYPD will double the number of officers on duty at this year’s J’Ouvert festival in Crown Heights, officials said Tuesday, as police and community leaders pledged a joint effort to make the event as safe as possible.

In 2015, the J’Ouvert festival — a celebration of Carribean culture that leads into the West Indian American Day Carnival — was marred by the shocking shooting death of Carey Gabay, a Harvard-trained attorney and former staffer for Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Gabay, 43, a Clinton Hill resident, was walking home from the festival early on the morning of Sept. 8 when he was caught in the crossfire of an alleged gang shootout in front of the Ebbets Field Apartments in Crown Heights, located at 1680 Bedford Ave.

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  • 2. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    The only answer is to move this out of the community to downtown. Why should people be trapped in their homes because it is unsafe to go out????
    Funny, there have been killings in the past, but only since Como’s aide was killed does the issue of safety and violence emerge
    Where is our leadership on this??????????

  • 3. Picaboo Shimon wrote:

    Hahaha.funny. we need the national guard patrolling that violent parade.

    • 4. Anonymous wrote:

      Dlasse’ Intellectual.
      I’m the past the victims were black so no one paid any attention. Last year a white guy from the political class got killed, that got everyone’s attention.

  • 6. Hey Mr. Black Lives Matter wrote:

    Don’t let the facts confuse you, in this case or others…


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