President Street Garage to Be Converted to Apartments

A developer has filed for permits to convert a single-story garage on President Street between New York and Nostrand Avenues into a six-story apartment building and synagogue.


Most of President Street in western Crown Heights is densely built out with townhouses, aging apartment blocks, a huge armory, and in some places, detached mansions. But every once in a while, the owner of a small commercial property bows to Crown Heights’ market pressures, either developing their property or selling it to someone who will.

YIMBY came across one of those properties yesterday 1201 President Street, a single-story garage between Nostrand and New York avenues. The President Street stop on the 2 and 5 trains is around the corner, and the Nostrand Avenue 3 train stop sits a block away on Eastern Parkway.

Salomon Ezagui has filed plans for a six-story, mixed-use building there. The cellar and first two floors would be devoted to a 9,600-square-foot synagogue, followed by 16 apartments. The project will only have 11,375 square feet of residential space, yielding average units of 710 square feet. There will also be nine parking spots – the minimum required to satisfy the site’s R6 zoning.

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  • 1. resident wrote:

    The biggest question, will it be for yidden. Until now, ezagui has not let down yidden. I hope this time he won’t either

  • 2. Please read this wrote:

    Dear Mr ezagui,
    Please have mercy on a failing community. Help our people. A shul is a great thing but I beg of you not to bring Goyim to live on top as some other people did. Please please build apartments for us just as your brother did etc. WE NEED YOU. Have rachmanus on our future and our kids

  • 3. Another shul wrote:

    I really hope the shul isnt just for tax break purposes but the whole project will be dedicated to making more housing for yidden. We are not asking for cheap, just normal sized rooms and two kitchen. Shloime, If a fellow lubavitcher wont help us , who will?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • 5. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    So, where do they park the cars???On the roof, of course!!!!!

  • 6. Shayna Charter wrote:

    What family can fit in 700 square feet. Couple of yuppies with a dog. Won’t help growing frum families.

  • 7. Chani wrote:

    I think the size of the apartments would be good for senior citizens of crown heights, please consider

    • 8. CH Bubby wrote:

      Definitely, with part of the shul area for the elderly to congregate, whether to learn or just socialize.

  • 9. When will it end wrote:

    “On and on it seems to go, but you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. They paved pardise and put up a parking lot…”
    This is not Geulah.
    Not the Crown Heights the Rebbe wants… So sad…

  • 10. theeiruv is coming wrote:

    your choice to have large families.. his choice to cash in .. the rebbehs brochos for parnosoh for all those who bought real estate has come true.. time to cash in


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