Affordable Apartments Up for Grabs

Applications are now open for 30 affordable apartments in a large, newly constructed building in Crown Heights. One-bedroom apartments will cost only $913 per month, and two-bedrooms will go for $1,065 per month. The apartments will be raffled off among the eligible applicants.

by Rachel Holiday Smith – DNAinfo

Applications are now open for 30 affordable apartments in a large, newly constructed building on St. Marks Avenue.

The subsidized one- and two-bedrooms at 505 St. Marks Ave. in Crown Heights are available only to households that make between $31,303 and $51,780, according to lottery guidelines for the building posted Thursday by the city’s affordable housing system, Housing Connect.

Monthly rent for an affordable one-bedroom apartment in the building is $913; two-bedrooms will go for $1,065 per month.

The St. Marks Avenue building between Classon and Franklin avenues has been under construction for two years. The complex, designed by Issac Stern Architects, has 147 apartments in total, according to building records. Market-rate units there cost between $2,200 for a studio and $3,890 for a duplex two-bedroom, according to listings on the building’s website.

Preference for half of the affordable units at the building will go to residents of Brooklyn Community Board 8, which covers most of Prospect Heights and Crown Heights between Eastern Parkway and Atlantic Avenue

All applications must be made through the Housing Connect system, online or by mail. The deadline to apply for an apartment at the complex is July 26.


  • 2. Yosef wrote:

    This development really does little for most CH Lubovitch families who are desperately in need of affordable housing. Most need three or more bedrooms, not one or two. Plus, although the location may be in “taalucha distance” from the Jewish Community and its shuls, its not really in walking distance, with the exception of the Franklin Shul. What is the City and the CH Jewish Community doing to obtain realistic affordable housing for the many medium sized and large sized Jewish families who desperately want to stay in in CH, but also desperately need decent affordable housing?

  • 4. WHAT wrote:

    Its funny to me seeing the words affordable and subsidised followed by $1000+ for rent.

    Go buy a house in a normal city for $200k and have a mortgage of $1000 and you will own it in 15

  • 5. you want afordable housing wrote:

    first you are going to need to learn the reason why there is not any affordable housing.

    then you are going to need to organize… there have been attempts made by several “leaders” in crown heights.. adress the issue, via UP zoning…. but and i can tell you names of who…

    most wanted an UPZONE to benifit them so they could build an extra bedroom, but when it came to up zoning enough to lower rents in the area….

    that was found to be objectionable.

  • 6. #4 wrote:

    there were houses in crown heights selling for 200k not that long ago.. now the prices are over 500k for those particular houses…

    think proactivly not reactionarily


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