71st Precinct Second-in-Command Disciplined

Captain Scott Forster, second-in-command at the 71st Precinct, was stripped of his badge and gun and placed on ‘modified assignment’ for choosing to clock out and go home in the aftermath of the shooting of two police officers in Bud-Stuy, both of whom were rushed to Kings County hospital – located in his precinct – for treatment, instead of staying behind to help organize visits for the wounded cops’ families.

From the NY Daily News:

Two cops shot? Sorry, I’m off duty in a few minutes.

An NYPD captain was stripped of his gun and shield for turning a blind eye to a police-involved shooting that ended in his own precinct, the Daily News has learned.

Capt. Scott Forster, 31, was working in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, when an unhinged gunman shot and wounded Officers William Reddin and Andrew Yurkiw less than 3 miles away in Bedford-Stuyvesant early Saturday.

The wounded officers were rushed to Kings County Hospital in the 71st Precinct. Forster is an executive officer under Deputy Inspector George Fitzgibbon — making him second in command in the precinct.

Instead of showing up and helping to organize visits for the wounded cops’ families — who were quickly joined by NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and Mayor Bill de Blasio — Forster went home, police sources said.

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  • 2. don't judge someone until your in their shoes wrote:

    Do you really know the whole story? Do you really know if you would do differently in his place?

  • 5. Kinda Harsh wrote:

    Sounds kinda harsh when considering he was off duty soon and it was just a matter of organizing visits. It’s not like any lives were at risk.

  • 6. Oh Please..... wrote:

    Strange since when is that part of the job description, I would think that maybe they should work on finding the stabber…


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