New ‘Affordable’ Building Cost $1,900 Per Studio

A new 46-unit ‘affordable housing’ apartment building was recently completed on Lefferts Ave. between New York and Nostrand Aves., and the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development is accepting applications to enter a lottery for the units. The cost? $1,909 per month for a studio, $2,047 for a one-bedroom and $2,465 for a two-bedroom.

From DNAinfo by Rachel Holliday Smith:

Dozens of studios that rent for $1900 a month and one-bedrooms that rent for $2,000 are about to up for grabs at 382 Lefferts Ave., according to officials.

The city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development is now taking applications to fill 46 newly constructed apartments in a former condo building in the neighborhood, according to a notice sent out Tuesday by the city’s Housing Preservation and Development.

The affordable units at 382 Lefferts Ave. between Nostrand and New York avenues are available to tenants making between $67,406 and $138,080, depending on the size of the family, according to an advertisement of the units from NYC Housing Connect, the system used by the city to conduct lotteries to fill affordable housing spots.

Monthly rent for a studio in the building is $1,909. A one-bedroom will cost $2,047 per month and a two-bedroom costs $2,465 per month, the listing said.

The Lefferts Avenue building on the border of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens and Crown Heights has five studios, 28 one-bedrooms and 13 two-bedroom units with a fitness center and “party rooms,” according to the posting. Half of the available units will be given to residents of Brooklyn Community Board 9, where the building is located. Five percent of the units will be set aside for municipal employees, as well.

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  • 2. Ufaratzta wrote:

    How about $1500 in Lakewood New Jersey for a five bedroom townhouse? To top that off, there’s a great Lubavitcher Ruv, a true Chassid with a Shul on Central ave.

  • 4. 67-138$..... wrote:

    Majority are one bedroom appartment – means good for all city clerks , non married , etc ….. These is not a building for CH residents , you can’t rent 2 bedrooms with more then 4 family members … can’t rent one bedroom as a couple too – very expensive …..
    City wants money back …..

  • 10. uuum wrote:

    Thats not affordable. Affordable is 7-900 a month for a non-studio apt. 500 for a studio.

  • 11. milwaukee wrote:

    my mortgage is 40% of that “affordable price” and im only 22. NY is blown.

  • 13. Cynic wrote:


    If I lived in Montana my mortgage would be 20% and I’m only 16

  • 14. sucks wrote:

    all those ppl living off the government, getting food stamps, wic, section 8 get everything.
    i am honest and don’t lie about my income (which really is NOT LARGE) and don’t qualify for anything.
    maybe i’m just stupid?

  • 15. Montana? Milwaukee? wrote:

    I can buy a square block in downtown Detroit for a nickel
    and pay an extra buck to put in a helipad and moat

  • 17. The Guy with the Dog wrote:

    “Affordable Housing” targets people making between 60% (80% in some areas) to 120% of the median income. It’s meant to primarily serve policeman, firefighters, teachers, and other people necessary for the survival of any small area so as to not make them shlep two hours to work everyday in a typically unaffordable area. It IS affordable…compared to many other local options.

  • 18. CH Homeowner wrote:

    I own a home in CH (i.e., I own a mortgage) and I cannot imagine being a young married person thinking of buying here. For what?! For no eruv, few parks/ playgrounds that are safe, difficulty parking, hard winters.
    Yeshivos? My friends who raised their children out of town and whose children attended the local day school, have fine, chassidishe children.

    Really. What’s the reason to buy in CH now? I bought when the Rebbe was here b’guf – that was the reason. I have a job, and I’m not at the stage of life where I can re-establish myself so easily. But if I were in a younger stage of life now, I would really weigh the decision of whether to buy here.

  • 19. Good thing that... wrote:

    It’s a lottery and not an auction!

    If there is so much demand that there’s a lottery, imagine what the prices would be if they went to the highest bidders!

  • 20. Even more amazing wrote:

    These prices are even more amazing given the fact that one of the construction projects across the street is for public housing — that is, riff raff neighbors!

    Imagine competing for the “opportunity” to live a stone’s throw away from “projects”!

    • 21. CH RESIDENT wrote:

      What a ridiculous thing to say. You do realise that there are Jews living in “projects” in NYC.

  • 22. declasse intellectual wrote:

    does it come with utilities? or are you on your own?

  • 23. to # 17 wrote:

    actually it seems like this building is that one that was supposed to be the public housing.
    i recognize the building, but i can be wrong

  • 24. For less than that ... wrote:

    Rent for close to $2000/month? You can buy a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house, complete with back yard, garage, and full basement, and your mortgage payment will be less than that. Where? Detroit.


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