Missionary Material Distributed in Crown Heights

Residents of Crown Heights awoke this morning to find a package containing booklets and DVDs on their doorsteps. The envelope says it is sent by the “Israel Restoration Ministries,” but a quick glance inside affirms the source of the material: Missionaries targeting new converts to Christianity. Please be advised of the content before bringing it into your home.

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  • Eli Ezagui

    These envelopes were in the shechuna about 2 months ago.
    Is this something new?

    • Yes and No

      I got it 2 months ago at my door. And again last week. I glanced at it the first time, read where it came from (the tag line)and threw it straight in the garbage!! Second time went right in the garbage without a thought. Not really understanding all the free publicity we are giving here. It’s obvious bf u even open the envope what it is!!!

  • Straight To The Garbage

    I could sense what was inside, so I brought it straight to the garbage without opening it.

  • out of towner

    I got this too, in southern California! BH I noticed what it said before I brought it into the house.

  • Ministries??

    When was the last time you encountered a kosher “ministry”?? Please be advised you *should not bring* it into your home at all. Just dump it unopened into the nearest trash receptacle.
    P.S, because they are hand delivered, different areas get it on different days. My block got it on Monday.

  • CR

    Do you think their target population might be more among the new young professional and hipster communities that have taken root? FWIW, I have had more than a few conversations with missionary types over the years and have found that even a Bein Chameish leMikra can see through their “proofs” quite easily. I think they know to steer clear of ANa”Sh for their own good.

    Oh, and if you do engage them do so thoughtfully and respectfully. Unloading on them with hostility gives them exactly the sort of “mesiras nefesh” experience they crave.

  • Yosef

    black dude came to my door last thursday with one of those packages,chapsach straight away he was a missionary.told no thanks and he left

  • Better of the bad lot

    Which is worse for us: living under Christian
    or LGBT rule?

    • Amused Observer

      Fortunately, in America, we don’t live under Christian rule, or LGBT rule, or any other religious/class rule! We’re a secular nation of laws – and that’s wonderful.

  • Milhouse

    The envelope says it is sent by the “Israel Restoration Ministries,” but a quick glance inside affirms the source of the material:

    What do you mean by “but”? When something comes from “something something ministries”, what do you expect it to be? They’re not being dishonest at all; they say on the cover exactly who they are. ולא תביא תועבה אל ביתך

    But don’t be upset at them, or think they are antisemites. On the contrary, they do this because they love us, and they honestly believe that their avoda zara is the only way to be saved from “Hell”. The ones that don’t want to convert us are the real antisemites, because they’re happy to see us burn forever. Think of them like the lovely but crazy aunt who insists that we have a deadly disease and need our hand amputated. She loves us and means only our benefit, but if she’s holding a knife keep a safe distance!

  • North Miami beach

    We got them here in our community too. The women distributors were walking around in “tznius” clothing and knocking on doors. Straight into the garbage!


    Unlike some of my brethren, I didn’t get a chance to really see what the package said or contained… it is still in my house!!! Thank you for alerting us… of course now that will be the very first thing I do when I get home!!!!! Blech!!!

  • Andrea Schonberger

    That’s why I don’t trust goyim who proclaim to love Israel and Yidden–there’s always an ulterior motive. Give me honest hatred any day.

    • Milhouse

      There is no ulterior motive. They do this because Hashem told Avrohom Ovinu “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”, and they want the blessing. They honestly believe that their avoda zara is the only way to be saved from burning forever, and they want to save us, so Hashem will bless them. They offer us their poison because they really and truly think it’s medicine, and that our medicine is poison (Isaiah 5:20). We should appreciate their thoughts and good intentions, but politely say “thanks but no thanks”.

  • Carita Fogde

    How awful to distribute their propaganda under false pretences . And in Crown Heights of all places.
    Beware and don’t read it !
    It’s so sad that they belive that everyone who is not a Christian will burn in Hell. And they call their faith a faith of love and claim the NT is a “book of universal love, in contrast to the Jewish Bible “. On the contrary, it’s very cruel to think that only members of one religion will reach salvation !

    • Milhouse

      What false pretenses? They are not pretending anything.

      And it’s not sad or strange to believe that there is only one truth, and anything else is falsehood. We believe that too. We believe that our religion is the only true one, and all other religions are false; most are avoda zara, and the rest are foolishness. We believe that Olam Haba only comes through belief in our religion. So why shouldn’t they believe the same thing? How could there be more than one truth?

      Their belief that the only way a person can be saved from Hell is though their avoda zara is no different, in principle, from the belief that if you have a deadly infection the only way to be saved is to take antibiotics; those who refuse it will die. They beleive that all men are tainted with Original Sin, and are therefore doomed, and they have the only medicine. Their belief is very logical and consistent; the only problem is that it isn’t true. We know it isn’t true because Hashem gave us the Torah, which tells us what is true and what is false.