New Mashpia Appointed at Chovevei Torah

Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim – Chovevei Torah has announced that Rabbi Levi Tzukernik will be joining the yeshiva next year as a new Mashpia and Maggid Shiur for the first level of the Beis Medrash.

Rabbi Tzukernik brings with him many years of experience and talent in the positions he held in various Yeshivos and summer programs he headed around the world. Rabbi Tzukernik will be joining the well-respected choice of today’s leading Mashpim in the yeshiva Rabbi Sholom Ber LipskerRabbi Yosef Paltiel and Rabbi Shloime Sternberg.

The Yeshiva has been very successful in building on the model of “levels and choices,” where every Bochur is evaluated and guided in his choice of the proper personal Mashpia and Maggid shiur for him to connect and be successful in mastering the subjects that he is learning.

The Yeshiva’s Menahel, Rabbi Mendel Blau, notes that over the years he has witnessed that the Bochurim are much happier and more successful when there are various options and tracks from which to choose from. This has greatly increased the satisfaction and achievement levels of the Bochurim.

As a result of this individualized program, the Yeshiva has had Bochurim who completed Shas and wrote Seforim and Chidushei Torah being prepared for publication, as well as helping other Bochurim to reach their full potential in mastering the text and thought of Torah study.

In Niglah, the Bochurim can follow the conventional “Derech Halimud”  with in depth Shiurim offered by the esteemed  Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbi Zushe Winner and Reb Yisroel Labkowsky, or they can also participate in the classes of Rabbi Shmuel Graj and Rabbi Shimon Piekarski שיחיו, who offer a more Halachic focused “Sugyos Leiyun,” taking the student through the “Sugyos” starting from the Gemara with the Rishonim down to the final ruling in Shulchan Aruch.

On each track, the Magidei Shiur use their talent and energy to inspire the Bochurim to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to help each one to become a “Chasid, yirei shamayaim and lamdan.”

These methods have further contributed to the yeshiva’s well acclaimed success in reaching every Talmid, giving him the personal relationship coupled with accountability in setting and reaching his goals.

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