‘Welcome to Chelem’, a Bnos Chomesh Production

Students in Bnos Chomesh are hard at work practicing for their upcoming production, titled “Welcome to Chelm: A Musical Production” which tells some of the stories of the famous city in Poland.

The girls of Bnos Chomesh will help you bring your Simchas Adar right into the month of Nissan! On Sunday, Bais Nissan/March 22nd, Bnos Chomesh Academy will present:

“Welcome to Chelm: A Musical Production”

The show promises to provide lots of laughs, memorable songs and innovative dances. It will be an outstanding show, as audiences of Bnos Chomesh productions have come to expect.

The show will take place at 1:00 this Sunday at PS 91 on the corner of Albany and East New York Avenue. So take a break from your Pesach cleaning and join the talented students of Bnos Chomesh for “Welcome to Chelm”!



  • 1. AN AMAZING PRODUCTION !!! wrote:

    Every year I look forward to this production. It is so beautiful to watch these talented girls who put in so much time and effort. Add to it the devoted staff who take such an interest in their students. It’s an amazing combination!
    The story always brings out a beautiful lesson, and is so entertaining. It’s filled with music, dances, beautiful costumes & scenery. Everyone walks away with the biggest smile. :)
    Yasher Koach to all the people involved. I can’t wait to see the show this year!

  • 2. Love it! wrote:

    Go bnos chomesh!!!! The best school with the best productions ever!!!!!

  • 4. cant wait!!!! wrote:

    cant wait to see the next brilliant production preformed by bnos chamesh students!!!!! i was at every single production they had!!!! they were all amazing!!! im sure this one and all the others will be too!!!!!!


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