Missionary Pamphlets Disguised as Jewish Material

Though Missionary activity is nothing new to Brooklyn, please be advised that Crown Heights in particular is being littered with missionary materials aimed at deceiving Orthodox Jews.

On Sunday, a man was seen distributing Hebrew-language pamphlets in the lobby of the 763 Eastern Parkway apartment building, located across the street from 770. The material seemed innocuous at face value, however, upon closer examination the pamphlets revealed several passages from the New Testament.

A similar effort was undertaken several years ago, in which New Testament bibles disguised as Chmashim were left at Crown Heights doorsteps – with the aim of deceiving unassuming Orthodox Jews to bring them into their homes.

Please be advised that these are missionary materials aimed at converting Jews. We all need to be vigilant in regard to the source of any books or other materials found outside on local streets and ensure these materials do not wind up in the wrong hands or enter your homes.

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  • Andrea Schonberger

    Why aren’t these people run out of town on a rail? I’m all for freedom of speech and press but these types only want to stir up trouble and lure in the innocent with false writings.

  • Yechi

    We do not run people out of town – even messianic Jews who hijack 770 with their antics and posters.