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Man Says Cops Beat Him Outside 71st Precinct

A Crown Heights resident is claiming that an NYPD officer beat him after complaining about receiving a parking ticket.

Duwon Jackson says he has cuts and bruises on his body, in addition to being severely choked by an NYPD officer.

Jackson says he illegally parked Tuesday in front of a Popeye’s on Utica Avenue and Eastern Parkway. He says another person was still in the car, but the officer gave him a ticket regardless.

Jackson adds that he went to the 71st Precinct to talk to an officer about the ticket, and after initially refusing to give them his ID, he left the building to get it from his car to hand over to the officers.

Jackson says 10 white officers followed him outside and beat him in front of the 71st Precinct. He was taken to Kings County Hospital for his injuries.


  • Citizen Berel

    Every single police interaction should be recorded and stored by internal affairs and made available to subpoena. No excuse not to be doing that in 2014.

    You get to wield a gun and and baton and mace and you get to handcuff and detain citizens, you need to be recorded for ‘quality assurance’ purposes.

  • true

    why dont they check the cameras

    he is obviously not giving the full story but knowing the cops these days they all deserve jail

    • Cameras

      You really expect the police to preserve and disclose video of them beating someone? Get real. The police had a court order to preserve the 911 call tapes after the Crown Heights riots in 1991 – and the police erased them anyway.

  • something missing

    Something doesn’t add up. I don’t think 10 police officers beat him up in from of precinct, where dozens of people ate walking and driving on NY avenue and empire boulevard. What likely happened is that our “victim ” hit or assaulted a police officer and that’s when ten cops came out to protect one of their own.

  • Whaddya expect

    What do you expect? Cops beat people. That’s what they do. Cops aren’t subject to the law they’re supposedly protecting, time to get used to it.

  • Uncle Mendel

    I am sure Mr. Duwon behaved like a gentleman and was respectful to the police officers, not just for news cameras.

  • #acab

    If someone hits me, can I get a gang to brutalize him in revenge?

    Since when is it the right of NYPD to respond with crushing violence to each and every real or perceived act of “resistance?”

    Anyone remember what happened to the boy that was sleeping in ALIYA center? He would have been sitting in prison now for “assaulting an officer” if not for the security camera.

    Were those officers ever charged with a crime? Disciplined? ANYTHING?!

  • "Berel" and "True" are 100 % right

    Probably isn’t the full story, but on the on the hand so many cops today are criminals themselves.