Well Behaved Students Receive Daled Minim Sets

This past Sunday, a raffle was held for each of the 37 Elementary school classes in Oholei Torah for a set of Daled Mimin, sponsored by Mendy Lipsker of the Esrogim Center of Crown Heights.

On his initiative, Lipsker contacted Rabbi Hershel Lustig, Dean of the Elementary Division, and offered to donate a set for each class.

A set of Daled Minim were raffled in every class from pre-1A to the 8th Grade. In order to secure raffle tickets, students were encouraged to be extra careful in being on time for class and to concentrate during davening, which is at times challenging during the busy month of Tishrei.

The students were also tested, each grade according to their level, on the halochos of Tishrei, and those who excelled also received extra tickets for the raffle.

The winners will use their knowledge of the halochos as they choose their set of daled minim, and stand proudly with their fathers in shul, using their own set earned by their own efforts.

Many of the winners told their teachers that now that they have their own set, they will take it with them on their family chol hamoed trips and use it to share the mitzvah with others as well.

Rabbi Lustig thanked Mendy Lipsker and said he encourages other parents and alumni to get involved and do more for the continued betterment of the students in the community.

Esrogim Center of Crown Heights is located at 1558 Carroll Street and can be reached at 888-993-7764

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  • A Friend

    Mendy, the smile you put children’s faces, the way you warm their hearts, is beautiful beyond words. Your yearly esrog raffle is an example of how people can change the world for the better by doing something in their own community. These boys will never forget the year they won a lulov and esrog. You’ll bring joy to their Succos all the days of their lives.

  • teach

    good going.
    however, I want to ask:
    if they are the Well Behaved Students,
    what are the others classified as?
    what is the underlying attitude here.
    what does everyone else think