Oholei Torah Mesivtah Honor Shluchim on Shloshim

Gavriel Noach, top row on far right, in Oholei Torah Mesivtah 14 years ago. He seen in the picture with his Shiur Gimmel class with Rabbi Gysinskys

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — This Thursday, Hey Teves 5769, Shnas Hakhel, Oholei Torah Mesivtah made a Kinus in honor of the The Shloshim for the Shluchim massacred by terrorist in Mumbai. Rabbi Paltiel Mashpia at the Lubavitch Yeshiva spoke, along with Rabbi Pinya Korf Mashpia in Oholei Torah Mesivtah. Rabbi Shpilman, brother-in-law of Rabbi Gavrel, spoke about Misiras Nefesh.

Pictures from Kinus in the Extended Article

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