Arrest Made In Two Anti-Semitic Incidents In Crown Heights This Morning


The man who verbally harassed Jews in two anti-Semitic incidents this morning was arrested after being spotted by one of his victims in northern Crown Heights.

“Regarding the bias incident that took place earlier this morning, thanks to great collaboration between Shomrim and the NYPD 77th precinct, an arrest was affected just moments ago,” Crown Heights SHomrim said on social media.

Shomrim volunteers responded to a call from one of the man’s victims that he had been spotted in the area. The volunteers responded and after a brief search located the man nearby. The NYPD was called and officers responded quickly to the location. He was arrested and charged with harassment as a hate crime.

As previously reported on, the man approached a Jewish father and son on Albany Ave between Park Pl and Bergen Street during the first incident, making threats of harm and saying anti-Semitic statements. The man never physically assaulted the two and left on foot from the location of the incident.

Both Shomrim and the NYPD were called but were unable to locate the perpetrator.

The second incident took place just minutes later on S. John’s Pl where police were notified of a male attempting to break into a building. When the police arrived they reviewed footage and watched as the man was confronted the building’s occupants, to whom he again made threats and anti-Semitic statements. The man also left the second location on foot.

Officers of the NYPD responding to the second incident were able to connect the two by the video footage at both locations, but despite a clear picture, were unable to locate the hate filled man.

With both police reports in hand, the cases were sent to the Hate Crimes Task Force who took on the investigation of the incidents.

Crown Heights Shomrim released footage from the incident and notified the community saying “This morning, in two separate incidents, this subject threatened Jewish kids with ‘physical harm’ [paraphrasing] R”L. Shomrim was called to one of the incidents and canvassed for him but to no avail. We are working with the NYPD and hate crimes task force in tracking him down.”

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