Collaboration Between Multiple Shomrim Divisions Leads To Recovery Of Vehicle Stolen In Crown Heights


A call for help to Crown Heights Shomrim, a tip to Boro Park Shomrim, and a response by Flatbush Shomrim together brought about the successful return of a stolen car.

The initial call came into Crown Heights Shomrim Monday with a request for help after a vehicle, left with the keys in the car, was stolen in Crown Heights in the area of President Street and Bedford Ave. Initial attempts to track the vehicle were unsuccessful, and Crown Heights Shomrim put out a Stolen Vehicle flyer which was widely spread on social media.

Hours later in southern Brooklyn, a non-Jewish man was working in a commercial lot when a beat-up-looking car suddenly turned in and parked. Four teenagers exited the vehicle and the man confronted them, telling them that they could not park there. The teenagers shrugged it off and left, so the worker contacted his boss, an Orthodox Jew.

Having seen the published flyer and hearing the description of the vehicle, the Jewish man put two and two together, calling Shomrim of Boro Park to report the vehicle. With excellent inter-Shomrim coordination, a volunteer from Flatbush was dispatched to quickly respond to the location of the recovered vehicle while Crown Heights Shomrim volunteers also headed to the commercial yard.

The recovered vehicle was properly identified, but the damage done to the vehicle in the hands of the car thieves was not inconsequential, with one of the rear tires destroyed and the body damaged all around. The car was ultimately towed by the police and returned to the owner.

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