Eagle Eyed Shomrim Volunteer Credited With Arrest of Crown Heights Package Thief

by CrownHeights.info

A Crown Heights Shomrim volunteer is always on duty, and this one didn’t miss a beat.

The Shomrim volunteer noticed a suspicious man searching for unattended packages in the area of Troy Ave and Hawthorn Tuesday afternoon and watched from a distance as the man combed the streets looking for a score.

Eventually the thief found one, and after picking up some unattended packages, attempted to make off. He didn’t get very far.

Multiple Shomrim volunteers soon sat the man down, speaking with him as they waited for the police arrived and place him under arrest.

“This porch pirate was out stealing packages and it was cut short thanks to the #EyesAndEars of our volunteers in #collaboration with responding @NYPD71Pct officers,” Shomrim wrote on Twitter. “Job final: one UNDER.”