Two Weeks After Brutal Crown Heights Assault and Still No Arrests Made


It’s been two weeks since a Jewish Crown Heights father and his five year old son were cornered and beaten in a shakedown on a Crown Heights street. Still, despite the police knowing exactly who did it, no arrests have been made.

“I was attacked 2 weeks ago. No arrests have been made, despite the assailants’ vehicle having been seen all over the neighborhood,” Yosef Hershkop, the victim of the assault lamented on Twitter. “My son still has a lot of trauma from the incident & we now Uber instead of walk whenever we need to go out. How many others live in fear in NYC?!”

As previously reported on, the incident took place on Montgomery Street in Crown Heights as Yosef Hershkop was attempting to park his car. During his attempt, the Jewish man bumped the car behind him, a phenomenon that is hardly uncommon in the crowded Borough of Brooklyn.

What is uncommon was the response from the people in the car.

Apparently infuriated, the thugs began to follow Hershkop as he searched for another parking spot, catching up to him a block later and cutting him off with their vehicle. The violent exchange that ensued was caught on surveillance video that showed the brutal beatdown as the gang of thugs pummeling his while he, and his son, were still inside the car, causing significant injuries to his face. After being hit more than ten times, the gang disbursed and fled the scene.

Within hours of the incident, the car driven by the thugs and its occupants had been identified and located in Crown Heights. Yet two weeks later, no arrests have been made.

According to a personal familiar with the investigation, the detectives quickly identified an individual and are actively pursuing the case.

Yet while the police may be doing a good job, the expectation for justice remains slim as Bail Reform Laws pretty much ensure that a judge will let the men walk.


  • Israel shemtov

    Why bother with the police? When I controlled the streets we didn’t need no police and this would’ve been dealt with appropriately

  • AH

    The more so when the authorities are on the side of the criminals, because of their protective skin color.