HATE CRIME: Pregnant Jewish Woman Assaulted on Eastern Parkway

by CrownHeights.info

A pregnant Jewish woman taking a walk from Crown Heights to Prospect Park was accosted and assaulted by a man Wednesday, apparently over simply being Jewish.

According to Crown Heights Shomrim, the woman was walking on Eastern Parkway between Nostrand and Rogers before 11:30am Wednesday on her way to Prospect Park, when she noticed a black male approaching her with the intent of doing harm.

Thanks to years of martial arts classes, the alert woman was able to avoid injury as the man attempted to hit her and threw a bottle. She then quickly fled the scene.

The incident occurred in front of many witnesses and other potential victims, but the man chose her as his intended target.

Crown Heights Shomrim was called and arrived at the scene within moments, but the attacker had already left. The police arrived soon after and took the Jewish woman to the Precinct in the hopes that she could identify her attacker.

Thankfully, the Jewish woman did not require medical attention.

Crown Heights Shomrim put out an alert after the incident, notofying community members of the incident. They also warned that women should “be careful when walking to and from the Park, stay alert be cautious and be aware of your surroundings.”

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