Porch Thief Terrorizing Crown Heights Street

by CrownHeights.info

A Crown Heights Street has had enough.

A known porch pirate who is alleged to live on President Street on the corner of Schenectady Ave has been terrorizing homes on Crown Street, brazenly stealing packages worth thousands from porches.

Porch pirates, who steal unattended packages from front porches and stoops, many times follow directly behind the delivery truck, picking up the packages just moments after they have been delivered.

One Crown Street resident had enough, baiting the thief with a fake package to catch him on video. On the video, the thief was wearing distinct blue sneakers.

If you see this man in the neighborhood, keep a close eye and notify Crown Heights Shomrim at 718-443-3333.

If you see him stealing packages, call Shomrim and 911.

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