SHOMRIM ALERT: Second Report of Knifepoint Mugging in Crown Heights


Crown Heights Shomrim has alerted the community to a second reported incident of an attempted mugging of a woman at knifepoint in Crown Heights.

The most recent incident took place at approximately 3:00am Thursday morning in front of a building on a mostly Jewish block in the center of Crown Heights.

The young woman had just finished babysitting for a family in the building and was waiting outside for her Uber when a teenager – described as being black – walked up to her holding a knife and demanded her belongings.

The woman began to scream for help, scaring the teenager off. The thief did not get any money or items from the victim.

911 was called, but as the Uber arrived first, the woman jumped inside and rushed home. She later reported the incident to Shomrim and the NYPD.

This incident follows a similar mugging the day before, when a woman was held up by a teenager fitting the same description in the lobby of another Crown Heights building. In that mugging, the thief also botched up, dropping the phone he had stolen in his haste to flee after another woman entered the building.

Crown Heights Shomrim reminded the community to stay vigilant and never give access to your home or building to a person you are unfamiliar with. Always request that they identify themselves first before opening the door.

Always remain aware of your surroundings, and if you believe you are being followed, don’t go into your home or building, instead continue walking towards a public place and call 911 and Shomrim right away.

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