Another Package Thief Caught in Crown Heights


The number of package thieves in Crown Heights may be high, but it now has one less member.

An elderly looking man was caught red-handed by a Crown Heights resident Monday afternoon and was caught by Crown Heights Shomrim after a quick chase.

An alert resident noticed the thief as he lifted a package from a Crown Heights residence, alerting Shomrim to the man as he exited an alleyway on Carroll Street between Troy and Schenectady. Shomrim caught up with the man a block away, chasing him into the alleyway between Carroll and Crown – Troy to Schenectady. Shomrim stopped him near the entrance of the alleyway, keeping him on scene until the police arrived.

The police placed the man under arrest for the package thefts in the Crown Heights community.

Do you know this package thief? Do you have video footage of him or an open police report? Please let us know at, or on whatsapp at 718-285-8000. 

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