Three Jewish Families Attacked and Harassed in Rutland Park


Three Jewish families enjoying the playscapes of Rutland Park in Crown Heights Thursday afternoon became the victims of harassment and physical attack.

According to one of the parents, a non-Jewish family was also in the park at the time of the incident, and while the children were mingling freely the non Jewish mother began suddenly accusing a Jewish child of kicking her son.

“It happened so quickly,” the parent said. “It was so racially involved, so anti-Semitic.”

One Jewish mother pulled out her phone and began recording as the woman began screaming, spitting, and ranting about retaliation.

Noticing that she was being recorded, the screaming woman approuched the recording mother, grabbing her phone and deleting the video before slapping her in the face.

911 and Crown Heights Shomrim quickly arrived, but the woman had already fled the park with her family.

A police report was filed, and an investigation is underway.

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