Trump 2020 Flags Torn Down By Vandal In Crown Heights


To this New York City vandal, Trump 2020 signs are apparently offensive and must come down.

This vandal took matters into his own hands this past week, targetting a building on Brooklyn Ave that had two Trump 2020 signs proudly flying off their second-floor balcony.

Video of the vandal shows him wearing a dark colored hoodie, light colored pants and a mask, as he first targets the home. The man can be seen loitering outside the home around 7:15pm on Thursday, October 15th, taking photos of the home before announcing himself as a delivery man and entering the building. Thankfully, the residents did not let the man into the “offensing” apartment. Instead, the vandal hopped onto an outdoor handicapted elevator and snatched down the nearest flag.

A passing Jewish resident confronted the man, which did not appear to phase the vandal. Instead, the vandal pulled out his phone and appears to video the retreating Jewish man in the backdrop of the torn down flag, which he then throws to the floor and stamps on.

Video from nearly an hour later shows as the vandal returns, this time without a mask. The vandal can be seen as he attacks the second flag, flailing it with a plank of wood with protruding nails as two neighboring girls flee in fright. After ripping the second flag, the vandal triumphantly throws the wood to the ground and runs off.

The home had previously been targeted for it’s Trump pride, with another flag having been vandalized previously.

It remains unclear if any action will be taken to identify and detain the vandal.

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