Joyriders Steal Housing Authority Pickup Truck, Stash it in Crown Heights Alley


Three joyriding teenagers made the perfect theft for New York City, then dumped it in a Crown Heights alley.

The teenagers had lifted a pickup truck from the New York City Housing Authorities location in the southern part of Crown Heights, and decided to take it on a joy ride.

Around 2:24am, they took their new prize onto Sterling Street in Crown Heights between New York Ave and Brooklyn Ave, turning into the alley behind the streets homes. Due to the tight turn, the teenagers caught heir vehicle on the corner of a home, creating a ruckus that woke up many residents on the block.

After severely damaging their vehicle, they then dumped it midway through the alley, fleeing onto Sterling Street before walking towards New York Ave.

The police arrived to investigate Thursday morning, after the abandoned truck was found by the streets residents.

These videos have been made available thanks to Elyon Systems

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